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    Monday, August 24, 2009

    Declaration of Renunciation and Severance of U.S. Citizenship by Jeff Knaebel (must read)

    Declaration of Renunciation and Severance of U.S. Citizenship

    by Jeff Knaebel, Sovereign Individual of the Earth

    (See Jeff's autobiographical article, "How I Became A Voluntaryist," at

    This Declaration, made at New Delhi, India on 19 June 2009, WITNESSETH:

    To the people of this Earth, my fellow human beings, my brothers and
    sisters, in memory of Black Elk and Chief Joseph, and with special
    respect to the Grandmothers and Elders of all indigenous communities,

    I, Jeff Knaebel, hereby make this Declaration of Severance and
    Dissolution of all bonds between myself and the Government of the
    United States of America. I renounce my birth certificate - I renounce
    my citizenship - and reject all claims of whatsoever nature made by
    the United States against me. I am not government property, and I am
    not a criminal. I am a peace-loving human being who is finished with
    being a slave to the Corporate Warfare State. I am not a citizen of
    any Government. I renounce all of them.

    I hereby destroy my United States passport by which the United States
    government claims control of my movement upon this earth, and thus
    lays claim upon my right to exist. I will place the shredded remains
    of my passport upon the monument of Mahatma Gandhi. I have chosen this
    monument because it is a symbol that all mankind can recognize: of
    nonviolent resistance to immoral, corrupt, and violent Governments.

    By this deliberate act of rebellion and sedition, I hope to free
    myself and alert mankind to the dangers it has created by obeying
    Governments of the world. My refusal to remain a tax-compliant
    accomplice to State murder will be considered treason against the
    United States. The choice is this, or treason against human life
    itself. My life is not about supporting the cold blooded murder of
    women and children.

    No permission is required to renounce that which I never sought in the
    first place, for which I never entered a contract, and which is
    imposed upon me against my will. Having declared myself not a
    citizen, I am therefore not a citizen. Citizenship is either
    voluntary, or it is forcible slavery.

    The United States government is incomprehensibly malevolent and
    destructive. It takes our money, our identities, and our lives. It
    gives us back corruption, war, heinous crime, and lies. This
    government has no moral right to exist. It ought to be abolished
    without further human bloodshed.

    The Nation State is a criminal organization which must be opposed in
    its very concept. It is impossible to reform a system that is built
    upon a foundation of lies and violence -- one whose health and
    continuance depends upon endless war. The system must be altogether
    abolished. It is irredeemably evil.

    The State represents a terminal disease of human consciousness that is
    anti-life, anti-ethics, and suicidal for the human species. It is a
    sick addictive co-dependency between its citizens and parasitic lying
    murdering psychopathic politicians.

    Blind obedience to incompetent, deceitful, violent and morally
    depraved authority is a clear case of mental disease. Eckhart Tolle,
    Gopi Krishna and other morally advanced beings have diagnosed the
    United States government as pathologically criminally insane.

    All political authority is arbitrary: arbitrary as to the form it
    takes; arbitrary as to the boundaries it establishes; arbitrary as to
    the limits of its jurisdiction; and arbitrary as to the taxation it
    collects. If one refuses to bow, to obey, to pay one's taxes, to use
    Government travel documents, one will ultimately be placed in jail, or
    die resisting arrest.

    Even in its most equitable form, it is impossible for government to
    disassociate itself from evil. The State has been conceived in
    violence and is maintained by lies and violence. Its every act can
    only be criminal. Unless the right to ignore the State is recognized,
    its citizens become tainted accomplices in its deeds.

    From the most democratic to the most totalitarian form of government
    there is ultimately no difference among the powers they exercise. The
    essence of the State is the threat and use of deadly force against
    those who choose not to comply with its edicts.

    No Government rightfully owns the territory its monopolizes. It has
    stolen possession of whatever land it lays claims to. Everything it
    has, the State has stolen or plundered. It prevents peaceful people
    from establishing their own voluntary cooperative economic and social
    relationships. The purpose of assigning nationality is to control a
    mass of captive taxpayers in order to maintain the large military
    establishment required to keep a citizenry in a state of fearful
    submission to the Power Structure of money.

    Why should a system of structurally compulsively violent political
    authority be preferred to a cooperative system in which human beings
    live according to the Natural Law of equal liberty? A coercive
    government has no legitimate authority over me. None. Its only
    authority comes through the barrel of a gun.

    Is the arbitrary "legal" construct of the Corporate State more
    precious than life? Is this guns-and-steel lifeless structure more
    precious than living, breathing beings? This killing machine
    fabricated of cunning deceitful words of legally piggily on corporate
    parchment... Are we living beings or abstract symbols to be
    manipulated by the Money Power? What is the "National Interest,"
    other than the transfer of wealth and influence to the power elite?
    What about humanity's interest?

    I write against the oblivion of humanity. I act in quest of goodness,
    beauty and truth, that we may yet live.

    I am not Government property. I bid farewell to the United States
    Government and to the citizenship it has imposed upon me against my
    will. I love life too much to be forced to participate in its murder.

    The United States government is a stain upon humanity. It is a
    grotesque distortion of human relations and the human conscience. It
    is ugly beyond the power of words to describe. Only its end product
    speaks clearly for what it is and what it does. "Shock and Awe" death
    raining from the sky. Children's blood flowing in the streets. Body
    parts strewn across wedding festival grounds. A human genome
    corrupted by depleted uranium and agent orange. Hiroshima. Los
    Alamos Lab. The science of death versus the art of life. Torture.
    Rape. Ecocide. Endless heinous crime. The most terrible Merchant of
    Death in human history. Human species suicidal.

    If you, people of the world, wish to support Government, then so be
    it. But leave me alone. As a peaceful individual I reject your
    authority imposed by violence. I reject all Government claims of
    legitimacy. You and your Government do not have the right to do the
    things that you do. Foremost among these tax-and-public debt financed
    activities are the waging of war; the conscription of soldiers; and
    the expenditure of citizens bread labor upon armaments which by now
    can destroy our earth many times over. I call for an end to these
    activities. I will not support such activities with my life, my
    money, or my energy.

    The laws of our natural world, the laws of the Great Spirit, the five
    precepts of the Buddha, are morally and practically superior to
    political laws. You must not kill and I must not kill. We must not
    support killing. We must love our neighbors as we love ourselves. As
    the Hopi have said, "From this one commandment, to respect and revere
    life, come all the other commandments: to tell the truth, to share
    with others, to life together in mutual support, to take care of our
    children and old people, the sick and strangers, friends and enemies,
    to abstain from intoxicants and adultery, not to cheat, steal, or

    It is up to the individual to discern his duty to his fellowmen and to
    act accordingly. No other can know my moral conscience, let alone
    "represent" it in decisions of war and peace. How can another
    "represent" me in voting to murder children? The first duty of love
    is to do no harm. Therefore my duty of love is to renounce the State,
    to withdraw from it, to quit it, to abandon it, to refuse to pay its
    taxes, to refuse participation in its charade of corporate money
    controlled elections, and to live my own life in search of truth and

    What do you do when you awaken to the awfulness of the lies of the
    State and the State of the lie? How does one negotiate with
    pathological liars? How does one come to peace with his tax payment
    hiring of cold blooded murder for oil and money?

    Against whom, then, shall I commit treason? The brotherhood of man?
    My rational mind and common sense? My moral conscience? Or the
    United States government? I prefer treason against the arbitrarily
    imposed rule of an organized crime syndicate to treason against
    humanity. To suffer in tax compliant silence the heinous crimes
    against humanity perpetrated by the United States would be to negate
    whatever is within me that can be called human.

    The shredding of my government permission-to-exist documents is
    offered as a prayer that the government of the United States --
    perceived to be a criminal organization of incomprehensible scope --
    may be without bloodshed dissolved and abolished from this earth

    I no longer have a Government name; I have no country, no travel
    papers, no passport, and no Government identification. Under the law
    of every Government, I am an illegal human being. Against this
    arbitrary "illegality" I claim my right to exist as a free and
    sovereign individual.

    What man -- or group of men -- can declare another to be "illegal?"
    Such men, who cannot give life, would yet take it, as lying murderers
    in God's own temple. For Power, there is no tomorrow. There are no
    grandchildren. Of the good earth, there is none. There is only
    Power. Persons who aspire to this are degraded, deranged, diseased.
    We are insane to submit to rule by the depraved.

    What shall be done with me?

    If deported to the United States, the Government will subject me to
    draconian penalties. Having destroyed my passport, having renounced my
    citizenship, having made this Declaration, I have become a seditious
    rebel to the United States Government. The United States will have no
    choice but to harass, persecute, and ultimately jail me for speaking
    truth to power.

    On the one hand, the natural wish to live, to grow, to move about, to
    be free, to act as a man. On the other hand, in order to live in this
    manner with the ordinary amenities of livelihood, I am forced by
    taxation to finance the murder of children who have a sacred right to
    life -- innocent small children who cannot conceive of the wish to
    harm me.

    There comes a time when the abuses are so great, the mindless
    destruction so wanton, the suffering so stupidly unnecessary, that one
    must resist the Power of rulership with his life. I love Life too
    much to participate in its murder.

    I bid you farewell, those who would remain in voluntary bondage. Go
    about your life peacefully, respecting yourself, all others, and the
    earth upon which we live. Remember that means is to end as seed is to
    tree. A violent means can never produce a good end. The truth shall
    set us free. My efforts shall not have been in vain. Right always
    overcomes might, even though I may not live to see the day.

    Whatever happens to me, may you remember my message: Awaken from your
    slumber. Realize that Government depends upon your consent. You
    control yourself. You can withdraw your consent.

    We must recover Respect -- for life, and for each other.
    Civilizations that get off the Path of Respect do not last, because
    when a people get off the path, they also remove themselves from the
    circle of life.

    My prayer is to love and to serve. From my heart I seek to act in a
    good way, in a sacred way, for the benefit of many, in support of
    life, that the seventh generation of children may yet live and be happy.

    The "why" of what I do is put completely to rest by the statement, "I
    love." The final answer to any question about my actions is "I
    love." What is the value of human life -- this is the real question.

    Executed at New Delhi this 19th day of June 2009

    Jeff Knaebel

    Sunday, August 23, 2009

    Ink for peace <3

    Catherine Bleish

    Proove it!

    Catherine Bleish

    Do it now.

    Catherine Bleish

    Our food is fighting!

    Catherine Bleish

    Boys and guns

    Seems like certain folks these days would throw a fit and someone would end up in jail for this. Oh how the times have changed.

    Catherine Bleish

    Josh reading about stl city / county split

    Catherine Bleish

    It has happened before.

    Catherine Bleish

    Militias, secessionists and... peace?

    Love the history museum.

    Catherine Bleish

    Democrats usually supported restrictions on federal government

    Catherine Bleish

    TJ at the StL history museum.

    Catherine Bleish

    Friday, August 21, 2009

    Midwest Liberty Fest - Seeking Sponsors

    Hi there, I am writing on behalf of the Liberty Restoration Project to let you know about a very special upcoming event called the Midwest Liberty Fest. This event will take place in DuQuoin, IL on October 9, 10, 11. The goal is to bring the grassroots together to learn about successful activism, celebrate the principles of freedom and empower leadership within our grassroots liberty movement.

    Our powerful speaker line up includes "big name" activists such as Sheriff Joe Mack (Oath Keepers), Restore the Republic's Gary Franchi and Constitutional Scholar Michael Badnarik. We also be hearing from several liberty candidates including Adam Kokesh, RJ Harris, and Missouri's own Ed Martin. The most exciting feature of this event is the lineup of successful, but otherwise unknown, activists who will be sharing their story and teaching others to walk in their footsteps.

    From social media, to grassroots strategy, to homeschooling workshops this is an event the grassroots cannot miss. And we are making every attempt possible to do it at a minimal cost to the public, $20 a ticket. Won't you help make this event a success by sponsoring the Midwest Liberty Fest in one of the following ways?

    MWLF Sponsorship Levels

    Midwest Liberty Fest is currently looking for sponsorship to help raise money in support of this event. This event will be historic and build bridges for the liberty movement. Your participation is needed and will help to promote grassroots efforts as we learn from and support one another in the effort to restore constitutional fundamental building blocks in our land. We believe the rewards will be huge and rippling and lasting! Please be a part of an exciting venture and give all that you can for Life and Liberty in our Land. Below are our sponsorship packages and what your group/business will receive in exchange:

    Diamond Sponsor - $5,000+

    1. Table at the event. You will be able to hang a banner from your table and pass out literature or promotional material and sell any merchandise you might have.
    2. Banner advertisement on the main page of our website as Diamond Sponsor
    3. Announcement in our blog and mass mailings
    4. Full Page Ad in our MWLF Agenda
    5. Your company announced on stage at the event as a Diamond Sponsor
    6. 5 minute speaking spot and / or opportunity to introduce big named speaker on behalf of your organization
    7. Banner on main speaking stage (you provide)
    8. Listed in our Press Release thanking our sponsors

    Platinum Sponsor - $2,500+

    1. Table at the event. You will be able to hang a banner from your table and pass out literature or promotional material and sell any merchandise you might have.
    2. Banner advertisement on the main page of our website as Platinum Sponsor
    3. Announcement in our blog and mass mailings
    4. 1/2 page Ad in our MWLF Agenda
    5. Your company announced on stage at the event as a Platinum Sponsor
    6. Listed in our Press Release thanking our sponsors

    Gold Sponsor - $1000+

    1. Table at the event. You will be able to hang a banner from your table and pass out literature or promotional material and sell any merchandise you might have.
    2. Banner advertisement on our website as Gold Sponsor
    3. Announcement in our blog and mass mailings
    4. 1/4 page Ad in our MWLF Agenda
    5. Your company announced on stage at the event as a Gold Sponsor
    6. Listed in our Press Release thanking our sponsors

    Silver Sponsor - $500 +

    1. Table at the event. You will be able to hang a banner from your table and pass out literature or promotional material and sell any merchandise you might have.

    2. Banner advertisement on our website as Silver Sponsor
    3. Announcement in our blog and mass mailings
    4. Business card sized page Ad in our MWLF Agenda
    5. Listed in our Press Release thanking our sponsors

    Bronze Sponsor - $250 +

    1. Table at the event. You will be able to hang a banner from your table and pass out literature or promotional material and sell any merchandise you might have.
    2. Link advertisement on our website as Bronze Sponsor
    3. Listed in MWLF Agenda as sponsor
    4. Announcement in our blog and mass mailings
    5. Listed in our Press Release thanking our sponsors
    Booth - $100 +
    1. Table at the event. You will be able to hang a banner from your table and pass out literature or promotional material and sell any merchandise you might have.
    2. Listed on our Website as Friends of Liberty (optional as you wish with website link/small graphic)
    Banner - $50 +
    1. For those unable to attend and man a booth, we have the option for a banner to be hung in a prominent area
    2. You must provide the banner

    *** Thank you -- your support will help to make this an historic event ***

    If you are interested in being a sponsor at this event please contact team@midwestlibertyfest and title your email: Sponsorship

    All graphics must be provided by sponsors with links and the exact format of name listing desired!

    Thursday, August 13, 2009

    John Stadtmiller introducing Professor Allen Quist

    Catherine Bleish

    Dr. Michael Coffman talking about global temperature trends

    Catherine Bleish

    Michael Shaw talking about agenda 21

    Catherine Bleish

    G Edward Griffin introducing his presentation on the Federal Reserve

    Catherine Bleish

    Tom DeWeese discussing history of Freedom 21

    Catherine Bleish

    Amanda Teegarden opening Freedom 21 Conference

    Catherine Bleish

    Wednesday, August 12, 2009

    LOLA Calendar Presale has BEGUN!

    Are you wanting to support women activists in the movement?

    Buy your copy of the LOLA calendar, featuring sixteen of the movement's most intelligent, active and BEAUTIFUL women. Your $20 donation will help us hit the ground running as we work to empower women to be leaders.

    Tuesday, August 11, 2009

    William Kostric, you are my hero <3

    NH protester has a gun at Obama townhall. Loves it.

    How upset is the media?

    Free Stater? Likely.
    Awesome? Absolutely.

    NH Activist schooling Chris Matthews on Hardball:

    On the Ridley Report

    Monday, August 10, 2009

    Aaand for your freaky cult moment of the day.

    I couldn't force you to endure that without including something of substance:

    I think I'm all Forded out for the day, thanks.

    Glad they didn't take a government bailout, but today I have decided that Ford can kiss my you-know-what. I thought I would be celebrating right now. I had INTENDED to pay off my car in full today.

    Since my bank is in Kansas City and I am in Saint Louis and Ford refuses to let me walk in and pay cash somewhere, here are the options they gave me:

    1. Pay one month ONLY by credit or debit online (they do not take credit and debit payments on phone), including the $9.50 cent fee.

    2. Go to the ATM 5 days in a row, pull out the maximum amount each day then go get a money gram, paying a fee for each withdrawl AND the money gram.

    THEY DON'T WANT ME TO PAY MY CAR OFF IN FULL! They are making this so flipping difficult, I'm not entirely sure how I'm supposed to.

    Seriously, I am only allowed to pay $291 via the internet (plus your FEE for doing so), and there is absolutely NO WAY for you to run my card for the full amount?

    THEN, while I was at the Ford Service station trying to determine the source of the wailing/roaring sound my car makes on the highway (needs $650 on new tires and alignment!) I had to watch one of the most nauseating experiences of my life.

    There was this family; a mother, her daughter and a friend of moms. Mom was dishing out the White Castle when I walked in. While I am waiting for the brew-as-you-go Star Bucks coffee machine to brew my one cup, the mother, standing about 18 inches behind me, got upset that the girl did not want a cheese burger and basically told her she was GOING to eat it.

    While the child chewed with her mouth open, VERY slowly, I'm talking 3 minutes per bite here, the male friend joked around with the young girl. She was laughing, and talking with food falling out of her mouth and walking all over the waiting area.

    Then she starts talking about violence and chopping up one of her friends with a knife. He asks her if she knows who MLK Jr was, she says yes and shouts BUT HE'S DEAD and starts laughing.

    He explains non violence to her and asks if she knows who the president is. When she shouted OBAMA they all started asking her things like how many kids are in Obama's family and his wife's name and talking about what a hero he is. Mom talks about how she wishes she could meet him, yadda yadda.

    All this time the child has partially chewed cheese burger either showing in her mouth while she yelled responses back at them or faling all over the floor as they dropped out between words. It was obscene.

    The best part of it all was when mom asked child to COME HERE and child came about 1 foot away from her, mom started snapping about her standing so far away and jerked her over by the arm, child starts crying and mom shoves a Coke bottle in her hand and tells her to go sit down and drink her soda.

    Mom walks out and male friend comforts child and tells her next time she needs to just go stand close to her mom, for all she knows she missed out on a huge hug.

    This is, of course, after I saw him ask her if she coud SEE THE BOOK as he held a rolled up magazine suggestively, just a few minutes before the mother rose her fist to suggest a back-hand when trying to get the girl to stop hanging all over the male friend.

    White Castle and Coke.

    Cultural experience of a lifetime, I guess.

    Here is a link to today's podcast:

    Today I discussed some of my presentation for the Freedom 21 Festival, got the chat room all riled up about abortion.


    Sunday, August 9, 2009

    !! SEIU Claiming Tea Party Attendees attacked THEM.

    Watch Ken interviewed about the attack he suffered at the hands of an SEIU union member. Many youtube videos have surfaced corroborating his story, as have many eye witness accounts.

    No go read the email and watch the youtube video below where SEIU accuses average citizens of attacking THEM.
    (email pasted below)

    This is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE. I told myself I would stop forwarding emails to my blog, but I can't help it this time.

    During the Ron Paul campaign they said we were spammers, not real people. After the Ron Paul campaign they called us threats to law enforcement with the now retracted MIAC report. And now there people are standing up in such numbers that they have to try and demonize average folks upset about our dictator in chief and the tyrants claiming to be our representatives.

    These are real people. Do the recipients of such emails actually beleive this propaganda bologna?

    First they ignore you (early Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign)
    First they laugh at you (Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign)
    Then they fight you (um.. now? MIAC center / fusion centers /DHS)
    Then you win.

    Retake YOUR state in 2010. Run for office, take your power back.

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Julie Burkhart - Missouri ProVote
    Date: Sun, Aug 9, 2009 at 6:22 PM
    Subject: An Urgent Message about Healthcare Reform Town Hall Meetings on Behalf of SEIU

    Dear Catherine,

    Things are turning ugly. Town halls, which typically serve as open, safe environments to ask questions of elected officials, have degenerated into violent shouting matches.

    Last week in St. Louis, Missouri, a reverend and staff member of SEIU was assaulted at a town hall. The incident, along with a town hall in Tampa, Florida, has been all over the radio and cable news shows. GOP operatives are rushing to paint it as SEIU "thug" violence. That couldn't be further from the truth.

    Watch the video with footage from these events:

    Cable news channels are broadcasting images of neighbors turning against one another in chaotic, sometimes frightening town hall meetings. Incited by extremist radio and TV hosts, "teabagger" protesters are yelling and chanting talking points that span from radicalism to racism.

    Enough is enough. Click here to sign a pledge for civil, honest debates about health care reform:

    It is extremely discouraging to see people treating one another like this. And it's a reminder of how GOP scare-tactics ("the government will kill the elderly,!" "the government will choose your doctors!" or "the government will ration care!") use fear to overpower the truth.

    We are at a turning point. To succeed, we will continue to elevate this conversation, distinguish ourselves from the opposition, and speak to our fellow Americans with respect and dignity. Where we disagree, we'll invite discussion. And when we agree, we'll work together toward a solution.

    That's the only way we're going to solve our nation's health care crisis. When it comes to quality, affordable health care, the stakes are too high to let shouting run the show.

    Thanks for standing up,

    Julie Burkhart

    Executive Director
    Missouri Progressive Vote Coalition

    Missouri ProVote website

    Gigantasaurus BLTs and Oozy mutts.

    Today the Iron Barley in South City Saint Louis broke the Guinness world record for the largest BLT sandwich. 179.2 feet of sandwich.

    All I have to say is: 500 lbs of bacon. Bejesus!

    You can watch the measuring of the sandwich here.

    Here is my lovely new roommate, Tyson, eating his portion of the sandwich. I chose to abstain as I am a solid vegetarian, and have been since 2003.

    Here is the crowd at the beer garden, lovely Heather is bar tending (blonde in background).

    They blocked off an entire block for the event. Saint Louis knows how to do it right ;)

    On a not so exciting note, my dog dog eddie got some horrible skin irritation (likely from some "carpet powder" I put down when we moved into the house). so I had to take our second trip to the StL vet (first trip was Harley a few months back when Josh's dog attacked him).

    Well, I didnt' know his skin was irritated and put some frontline on his neck. It ate a hole in it. 24 hours after the first puss filled wound appeared, 3 more had develeoped. $141 later, Ed has had a steriod shot, antiboitics and a steriod cream. Poor mutt.

    Look at his hideous new shaved spots. They're pretty nasty up close.

    Just goes to show how hypicritical one can be. I made the choice to keep chemicals off my body and out of my food, but I cover the house in chemical powder then pour chemicals straight onto my dog's back.

    Never again.

    A ReVamp or Two

    I have spent some time re-vamping the 'ol blog. It needed it. It is still in progress but I m too tired and my computer is too slow and jerky for me to devote any more energy to it tonight.

    Went with a URL change: . Let me know what you think while it is still in the editing phases; I'd rather find out right now it sucks rather than after I struggle with this computer for a few more hours.

    Today I have also worked on revamping my radio show (5 days a week 9am central Hopefully I will begin video-casting during my show this Monday (completely dependent on my fragile and breaking technology)and I plan to move to 2 hours a day as well!

    I have a lot to say but my computer keeps freezing. Update to come tomorrow. Night <3

    Friday, August 7, 2009

    Spread the word for LoLA!

    Please re-post!

    Many women involved in the liberty movement have experienced the frustrating feeling of isolation when they look around and realize they are just a needle of estrogen in a haystack of testosterone. The Ladies of Liberty Alliance is a brand new organization working to end that feeling of isolation forever!

    This September 17th the LOLA ladies will unveil their first project at the Campaign for Liberty regional conference in Valley forge, PA.
    Sixteen bold, beautiful and brilliant women are spotlighted in the LOLA calendar, each representing an issues that is passionate to them with a focus on activism.

    For a minimum donation of $25, individuals can support this brand new organization and learn about some of the very active women in our movement. Donations will help the LOLA ladies provide an educational curriculum designed to empower women to be leaders in whatever capacity they desire: this means running for office, becoming an effective activist, planning rallies or becoming an expert presenter on a topic they feel passionately about.

    LOLA: Conspiring to attract libertarian women into the movement One activist at a time

    Allison Gibbs
    Executive Director
    Ladies of Liberty Alliance

    Wednesday, August 5, 2009

    Press Release: Announcing the Midwest Liberty Fest: Activism, Education and Celebration

    P R E S S R E L E A S E 

    For Immediate Release – August 5th, 2009

    Contact: Catherine Bleish

    Liberty Restoration Project

    Telephone: 816.868.8806

    HEADLINE: Announcing the Midwest Liberty Fest: Activism, Education and Celebration

    August 5th, 2009: The DuQuoin (IL) State Fairgrounds will be brought to life by the Spirit of Liberty on October 9, 10 and 11 as grassroots activists from across the political spectrum and across the nation gather for the Midwest Liberty Fest.  Participants will have the opportunity to learn from successful activists, hear from current candidates and celebrate the growing movement toward freedom and constitutional government.

    The planning committee, sponsored by the Liberty Restoration Project, consists of activists who decided to provide the public with an event centered around ideas that unite us instead of divide us.  The goal is to empower concerned citizens through the knowledge and real experiences of successful movers and shakers; everyone should be able to walk away with action items and project ideas in hand!

    Some of the most well-known names in the liberty movement will be paired with up-and-coming leaders.  From Adam Kokesh, the Iraq veteran and anti-war activist turned Congressional Candidate, to Michael Badnarik, the 2004 Libertarian candidate for President and Constitutional Scholar, to Sheriff Richard Mack, the man educating our nation's law enforcement on their Constitutional role, attendees will have the opportunity to learn from some serious movers and shakers. 

    Interested speakers, musicians or sponsors should send a letter of request to the planning team at the following email address:

    Donations will provide transportation for speakers, location rental and insurance costs, and promotional materials such as radio and television ads.  Keep your eyes on for an up-to-the-minute confirmed speakers list and the upcoming announcement of our commemorative ticket. 



    Adam Kokesh (US Congressional Candidate for NM District 3)

    RJ Harris (US Congressional Candidate for OK District 4)

    Ed Martin (potential US Congressional Candidate for MO District 3)

    Rosanna Pulido (US Congressional Candidate for IL District 5)

    Adam Andrzejewski (Gubernatorial Candidate for IL)

    Randy Stufflebeam (Gubernatorial Candidate for IL)

    Dr. Tim Nerenz (US Congressional Candidate for WI District 2)


    Michael Badnarik (former Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Constitutional Scholar)

    Valinda Rowe (2nd amendment activist)

    Dr. Carl Estabrook (Visiting Professor of Sociology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

    Dr. Michael Coffman (President of Environmental Perspectives, Inc. (EPI), and Executive Director of Sovereignty International.)


    Grassroots Activists

    Gary Franchi (National Director / Managing Editor for Restore the Republic and Republic Magazine)

    Sheriff Richard Mack (Author, Speaker and Advocate of State and individual rights.)

    Jan Stover (Founder and Director of The Mothers Institute)

    Sandra Crosnoe (Oklahoma grassroots activist, blogger, and social networking)

    Brooke Kelly (video blogger for Restore the Republic)

    Catherine Bleish (Missouri grassroots activist, executive director of the Liberty Restoration Project)

    Martin Johnson (Illinois local activist and Jury Nullification Advocate)


    Solo Acts and Bands

    P O K E R   F A C E

    Jordan Page

    Farid Ahmed

    Pending speaking confirmation from

    Cindy Sheehan
    Rand Paul
    Ron Paul
    Randy Brogdon
    Charles Key
    Shelly Roche
    Judge Andrew Napolitano
    Robert X Johnson
    Tracy Brewer
    Ian Freeman

    Catherine Bleish
    executive director
    Liberty Restoration Project

    Freedom reaches across party lines.
    Sandra Crosnoe

    Realpeople Restoring the Republic #R3s

    Monday, August 3, 2009

    Ladies of Liberty Alliance (LoLA) grassroots survey - please spread far and wide

    LoLA is a newly formed organization to help uplift women in the liberty movement.  Please take 5minutes to fill out this survey to help us ensure we are creating the most productive and EFFECTIVE organization possible.

    You can also join our ning at: http://ladiesoflibertyallianceorg/

    THANK YOU <3

    Catherine Bleish
    executive director
    Liberty Restoration Project

    Freedom reaches across party lines.