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    Monday, August 10, 2009

    I think I'm all Forded out for the day, thanks.

    Glad they didn't take a government bailout, but today I have decided that Ford can kiss my you-know-what. I thought I would be celebrating right now. I had INTENDED to pay off my car in full today.

    Since my bank is in Kansas City and I am in Saint Louis and Ford refuses to let me walk in and pay cash somewhere, here are the options they gave me:

    1. Pay one month ONLY by credit or debit online (they do not take credit and debit payments on phone), including the $9.50 cent fee.

    2. Go to the ATM 5 days in a row, pull out the maximum amount each day then go get a money gram, paying a fee for each withdrawl AND the money gram.

    THEY DON'T WANT ME TO PAY MY CAR OFF IN FULL! They are making this so flipping difficult, I'm not entirely sure how I'm supposed to.

    Seriously, I am only allowed to pay $291 via the internet (plus your FEE for doing so), and there is absolutely NO WAY for you to run my card for the full amount?

    THEN, while I was at the Ford Service station trying to determine the source of the wailing/roaring sound my car makes on the highway (needs $650 on new tires and alignment!) I had to watch one of the most nauseating experiences of my life.

    There was this family; a mother, her daughter and a friend of moms. Mom was dishing out the White Castle when I walked in. While I am waiting for the brew-as-you-go Star Bucks coffee machine to brew my one cup, the mother, standing about 18 inches behind me, got upset that the girl did not want a cheese burger and basically told her she was GOING to eat it.

    While the child chewed with her mouth open, VERY slowly, I'm talking 3 minutes per bite here, the male friend joked around with the young girl. She was laughing, and talking with food falling out of her mouth and walking all over the waiting area.

    Then she starts talking about violence and chopping up one of her friends with a knife. He asks her if she knows who MLK Jr was, she says yes and shouts BUT HE'S DEAD and starts laughing.

    He explains non violence to her and asks if she knows who the president is. When she shouted OBAMA they all started asking her things like how many kids are in Obama's family and his wife's name and talking about what a hero he is. Mom talks about how she wishes she could meet him, yadda yadda.

    All this time the child has partially chewed cheese burger either showing in her mouth while she yelled responses back at them or faling all over the floor as they dropped out between words. It was obscene.

    The best part of it all was when mom asked child to COME HERE and child came about 1 foot away from her, mom started snapping about her standing so far away and jerked her over by the arm, child starts crying and mom shoves a Coke bottle in her hand and tells her to go sit down and drink her soda.

    Mom walks out and male friend comforts child and tells her next time she needs to just go stand close to her mom, for all she knows she missed out on a huge hug.

    This is, of course, after I saw him ask her if she coud SEE THE BOOK as he held a rolled up magazine suggestively, just a few minutes before the mother rose her fist to suggest a back-hand when trying to get the girl to stop hanging all over the male friend.

    White Castle and Coke.

    Cultural experience of a lifetime, I guess.

    Here is a link to today's podcast:

    Today I discussed some of my presentation for the Freedom 21 Festival, got the chat room all riled up about abortion.


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