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    Sunday, June 28, 2009

    Wednesday, June 24, 2009

    <3 at the falls

    Mom and boys squished together for photo :)

    Breathe it in

    Edward norton (on left) and harley davidson enjoying the view at niagra falls <3

    A black box affair

    Beauty of the falls

    Taken while laying in the grass with the mutts.

    We protest ag labor laws

    No farms no future.

    On ny i-90 headed east..

    No farms no food

    No farms no jobs.

    Someone please look up what is going on. There was a train of cars driving 20 under speed limit with flashers on as if a funeral procession, all the cars had something written on them. Great protest idea and possible issue we need to address. I have video of the procession. "We protest the governor ag bill", "this is a national issue"

    Achin' for Akron

    Day three: Tree frogs in ohio

    Yesterday I drove through illinois, indiana and landed in akron, ohio at the home of my dear friend chris and his lovely family.  We spent the evening relaxing on their back deck, watching the sun dance around their wooded yard while the dogs enjoyed the fresh air. The attached photo was the view from his back porch!

    It was great reflecting on our cali days and catching up on eachothers' current state of affairs.  I now, after meeting chris's family, where his kind nature comes from. I have rarely felt so welcome; they were even wonderful with harley and eddie!

    Today I woke up and had brakfast with chris and his mom before hitting the road just minutes before I called into my radio show. I lost service a few times but wayne and kevin were there to fill in until I call back. I hpoe folks are enjoying the on the road call-in style commentary, I sure am having fun! to find the podcast!

    So far today I have seen the beauty of ohio and pennsylvania, and new york. I even made the mid-drive decision to take a 1.5 hour detour so I could have lunch with the boys at niagra falls. It was lovely sitting in the grass sorrounded by beauty. I opted out of the full tour as the ground was hot on the mutts. I wasn't expecting all the buildings and surrounding sky line, but it was still quite the sight!

    I am now on my way to itaca to camp for the night before I head to nh to pick up tracy and hit porcfest!!!!

    Love you all <3

    Tuesday, June 23, 2009

    Summer loving

    Enjoying the ohio summer weather..

    Day three: windows down, fresh country air.

    Yesterday (Monday) was absolutely lovely.  Rosie and I took the pups to the chicago doggie beach. It really made my day seeing the boys have so much fun. The lake was beautifully clear compared to the santa barbara beaches; it was nice being able to walk around barefoot without getting tar stuck all over my piggies.

    It was nice seeing so many bike riders and busses in chicago. I got my first taste of rush hour traffic.  No thank you.

    Stephen, rosie's husband, made us the most amazing burrito I have ever had - he threw in some pinneapple sause (influenced from his employment at a chinese restraunt, presumably), with squash, carrots, corn, celery, avacado, black beans, potatoes... more than I could list. Followed by cherry icecream and fresh strawberries. I felt spoiled over there, that is for sure.

    After, we went out for a drink and I had my first beer with 8% alcohol. It was yummy but I don't remember the name.. or the name of the bar.  It was retro themed and seemed to have a good autmosphere, although the music was waay too loud.

    Overall chicago was a much needed escape from the world. Rosie and stephen were great hosts!

    Today started with amazing tea and eggs, followed by a rough start to my radio show, and a very relaxing drive through indiana and ohio. 

    This trip is already helping me clear my head, I have had the needed alone time to think, reflect, and just be.

    Tonight I plan to do some more fusion center research, get some of my thoughts on paper and enjoy the company of one of my old cali friends, and one of the most KIND people I know, chris, in his hometown of akron, oh.

    Tomorrow I drive to ithica, ny where I plan to camp, and Thursday I arrive in nh to pick up tracy and head to Porcfest!!!!

    If I have not told you lately: I love you <3

    Sorry for typos, written via cell phone.

    <3 peace.

    Day 2 on the road.

    Well I sent yesterdays blog to wrong email :) stay tuned for today's blog update! Enjoy <3

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    Date: Jun 22, 2009 9:30 AM
    Subject: Day 2 on the road.
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    I didn't mean to hit "send so quickly on the last post. Alas, I am all thumbs while driving :)  the attached photo is of my dog eddie enjoying the open illinois air.  He'll have his head out that window most of the way to new hampshire!!

    I left a bit later than anticipated today.. a minor bang trim turned onto an hour long debockle in front of the mirror with a pair of sissors. Hopefully my hair does not look too bad ;)

    I am going to attempt to do my radio show via cellphone while driving all week. We'll see how it goes today. Tune in at

    Today I will stay in chicago with my love, rosie, and her darling husband. I know them from living in santa barbara. I am so excited to see them both again. If you are in the chicago area and want to meet up or buy an lrp shirt (and help a girl earn that gas money out to porcfest) shoot me a text at 816.868.8806 <3

    Love you all and sorry for the spelling. No spell check on my phone! (Spelling is not my strong suit)

    <3 peace. Catherine

    Monday, June 22, 2009

    Friday, June 19, 2009

    Biking the katy!

    Dad and I did 17.6 miles on the katy trail today! .

    Don't forget the rj harris money bomb today! .

    Tuesday, June 9, 2009

    (repost) Timeline: Liberty Restoration Project and the Missouri Information Analysis Center Militia Report

    Just wanted to re-post this LRP Blog:

    New Blog Update: Liberty Restoration Project 
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    Link to The Liberty Restoration Project

    Timeline: Liberty Restoration Project and the Missouri Information Analysis Center Militia Report

    Posted: 09 Jun 2009 01:25 PM PDT

    Tomorrow, June 10, 2009 The Missouri State House of Representatives begins an investigation into the practices of the Missouri Information Analysis Center.  Liberty Restoration Project plans to be there.

    We have compiled a short timeline of our actions concerning the “Modern Militia Report” to submit.

    We are also currently working to get the fees taken care of to pay for the documents issued through our sunshine request.

    When: March 13-18, 2009
     Confirming existence and accuracy of the media leak of the Militia Report and attempting to get information from representatives of the Governor’s office, The Missouri Highway Patrol, and the Missouri Information Analysis Center
    Where: via telephone
    Responses: Referred to Lt. Holz, Maj. Replogle, who both stated that the document was not intended to offend, or be released.

    When: Monday March 16, 2009
    What: Issued Sunshine Law Requests to Missouri Governor’s Office, State Emergency Management Agency, and the Missouri Highway Patrol regarding information related to Missouri Information Analysis Center Militia Report (in person and via fax)
    Where: Jefferson City
    Response(s): ( / )

    When: Thursday March 19, 2009
     LRP’s Catherine Bleish guest Co-hosted “Lives in the Balance” With Jason Littlejohn to interview fmr. Presidential Candidate Chuck Baldwin concerning Missouri Information Analysis Center Militia Report
     KCXL 1140 AM Kansas City

    When: Monday March 23, 2009
     LRP’s Kevin Kobe guest Co-hosted Paragon Radio with Ben Johnson and discussed Missouri Information Analysis Center Militia Report
     KKFI 90.1 FM Kansas City
    Very supportive, every caller understood that this was direct targeting by the government against patriotic citizens

    When: Monday March 23, 2009
     In-Person followup in Governor Nixon’s office regarding lack of compliance with Sunshine Law request over Missouri Information Analysis Center Modern Militia Report, Request for meeting.
     Governor’s Office, Capitol Building, Jefferson City, Missouri
    ( / /

    When: Monday March 23, 2009
     Deliver Informative Packets Concerning Missouri Information Analysis Center Modern Militia Report
     Every Single Legislator’s Offices, Capitol Building, Jefferson City, Missouri

    When: Friday March 27, 2009
     Attended Coffee Chat with State Senator Jolie Justus of Kansas City (A Legislative Recap)
     Coffeebreak, Troost Ave., Kansas City Missouri
     Further alerted her to Missouri Information Analysis Center report and the Governor’s responses. Learned that she did not physically receive the packet of information delivered to state legislators on March 23. Her staffers had made a “summary” and gave that to her.

    When: Thursday April 30, 2009
    Visited Governor Jay Nixon’s office again to request an in-person meeting be scheduled
    Where: Governor’s Office, State Capitol, Jefferson City, Missouri
    Response(s): Gave them our business card again, we again requested that appointment be scheduled, and we let them know that being ignored is stressing our patience.

    When: Throughout the months of March and April
     Members of LRP contacted by Federal Reserve Police in Washington DC regarding End the Fed DC Rally.
     Telephone, Email
    Seemed way too inquisitive. Asked several questions about the national movement and the MIAC report.

    When: Throughout the months of March and April
    What: Called Missouri Governor Nixon’s office several times concerning Scheduling a meeting with the Governor, the Missouri Information Analysis Center Modern Militia Report, and the lack of compliance with the Sunshine Law Request that was filed.
    Where: Telephone and Fax
    Response(s): Contact information “received”, then completely blown off.

    When: Wednesday May 6, 2009
    : In Person meeting with Lt. Governor Peter Kinder for Comment on Governor Nixon’s inconsistencies regarding Missouri Information Analysis Center Report on the Modern Militia Report
    : Outside LT. Governor’s office, Capitol Building, Jefferson City, Missouri
    : ( ) VERY Positive. He doubted we would be granted a meeting with Governor Nixon, and playfully told us to “Get it ALL on Youtube”

    When: Wednesday May 6, 2009
    What: In-Person Request for Meeting with Governor Jay Nixon on the topic of Missouri Information Analysis Center Report on the Modern Militia
    Where: Governor’s Office, Capitol Building, Jefferson City, Missouri
    Response(s): ( / Confronted by a Governor’s Staff member who refused to answer any questions, including his job title. Then thrown out by Highway Patrol. Highway Patrol told us that we would not be meeting with the Governor, and that we would not be told who had given the order to make us leave. A few local blogs picked up the story after KCMO 710AM Radio reported it. The blogs commentary implied that we deserved the negative response. Their blog’s comments and our youtube video comments are mostly supportive.

    When: Wednesday June 3, 2009
    Question and conversation to former Governor Matt Blunt about MIAC during transparency panel at Conservative Heartland Leadership Conference
    Where: Millenium Hotel, St. Louis Missouri
     Could not confirm that his administration did not contribute to the Missouri Information Analysis Center Militia report, told me to keep pressure on media to keep government transparent

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    Monday, June 8, 2009

    Introspect, Retrospect and Moving FORWARD!

    I have literally been running on empty since... well.... basically since we began the fight against the MIAC report. In the heat of the fight we were simultaneously planning our End the Fed rally, our first fund raiser (we broke our fund raising expectations despite a not-so happening turn out :), the AWESOME grassroots education day, AND lobbying for the following Missouri legislation: HCR13 (10th amendment resolution), HR212 (10th amendment / anti-FOCA resolution, and HB 361 (anti-real ID). We also ALMOST closed on a house (we were outbid, check it out here: ), held a widely covered in the local press anti-red light traffic camera rally, attended city council meetings, AND attended the Jekyll Island Project with fellow movers and shakers in the movement. Unreal.

    The past two weeks have been relatively quiet for me, in comparison. I have been going through the motions so to speak while pondering my future and what I REALLY want from life... I have been debating the life choices I have recently made and re-exploring the path I am currently following.... Reflection, meditation, thinking, mulling, considering. It is absolutely insane to think I was laid off nearly six months ago. What a blessing that sudden shock has been to my life. I have found the time and energy to plow forward in a way unlike ever before, I have found a way to survive on basically nothing, and built relationships that have changed my life in very positive ways. But the question remains: at what cost? Friends have basically fallen by the wayside, I rarely keep up with my family, eating and bills are a constant lingering question, and my graduate studies have.... well.... ceased at this point. Not to mention the constant obstacles presented by assumed allies. Boy have I learned a lot these past 2 years.

    I have come to the end of my introspective study with the conclusion that there is nothing else in the world I would rather pour my time and energy into. The flickering images of having my own family, a house, a farm, friends and stability are not worth dreaming of if we are not free. So with that being said, sometimes one needs a break and I know I need one soon. More than a "going through the motions" type of break, but a no cell phone, no internet, NO RevolUTION for a week... or two, kind of break. But that will have to come later this summer. I'm thinking Hawaii, what do you think?

    I have explored my current initiatives during the past two weeks and I am certain I will be focusing my energy on projects that provide quantifiable results this this summer/fall.

    LRP Liberty House - allowing full time volunteers to channel much needed energy into our movement. (
    Midwest Liberty Fest - Bringing the grassroots from the "right" and the "left" in a weekend of education, celebration, camping and more! (
    Retake Your State - Working to fill in the gaps in the state legislature and educating current legislators on the 10th amendment (
    Continental Congress 2009 - Brining liberty lovers together to discuss solutions to the MONSTROUS problems our country faces. ( )
    Revolution Broadcasting - brining liberty to your ears. By the grassroots, for the grassroots. (

    Let me know if you want to be involved with any of the above listed projects!

    The katy trail

    My favorite place on earth! Http://

    a lesson in human agility

    This weekend at first Friday was really a treat!

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    Hi, there!

    We're getting this page all set up, so please check back soon!

    peace and lots of L<3VE,