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    Monday, June 8, 2009

    Introspect, Retrospect and Moving FORWARD!

    I have literally been running on empty since... well.... basically since we began the fight against the MIAC report. In the heat of the fight we were simultaneously planning our End the Fed rally, our first fund raiser (we broke our fund raising expectations despite a not-so happening turn out :), the AWESOME grassroots education day, AND lobbying for the following Missouri legislation: HCR13 (10th amendment resolution), HR212 (10th amendment / anti-FOCA resolution, and HB 361 (anti-real ID). We also ALMOST closed on a house (we were outbid, check it out here: ), held a widely covered in the local press anti-red light traffic camera rally, attended city council meetings, AND attended the Jekyll Island Project with fellow movers and shakers in the movement. Unreal.

    The past two weeks have been relatively quiet for me, in comparison. I have been going through the motions so to speak while pondering my future and what I REALLY want from life... I have been debating the life choices I have recently made and re-exploring the path I am currently following.... Reflection, meditation, thinking, mulling, considering. It is absolutely insane to think I was laid off nearly six months ago. What a blessing that sudden shock has been to my life. I have found the time and energy to plow forward in a way unlike ever before, I have found a way to survive on basically nothing, and built relationships that have changed my life in very positive ways. But the question remains: at what cost? Friends have basically fallen by the wayside, I rarely keep up with my family, eating and bills are a constant lingering question, and my graduate studies have.... well.... ceased at this point. Not to mention the constant obstacles presented by assumed allies. Boy have I learned a lot these past 2 years.

    I have come to the end of my introspective study with the conclusion that there is nothing else in the world I would rather pour my time and energy into. The flickering images of having my own family, a house, a farm, friends and stability are not worth dreaming of if we are not free. So with that being said, sometimes one needs a break and I know I need one soon. More than a "going through the motions" type of break, but a no cell phone, no internet, NO RevolUTION for a week... or two, kind of break. But that will have to come later this summer. I'm thinking Hawaii, what do you think?

    I have explored my current initiatives during the past two weeks and I am certain I will be focusing my energy on projects that provide quantifiable results this this summer/fall.

    LRP Liberty House - allowing full time volunteers to channel much needed energy into our movement. (
    Midwest Liberty Fest - Bringing the grassroots from the "right" and the "left" in a weekend of education, celebration, camping and more! (
    Retake Your State - Working to fill in the gaps in the state legislature and educating current legislators on the 10th amendment (
    Continental Congress 2009 - Brining liberty lovers together to discuss solutions to the MONSTROUS problems our country faces. ( )
    Revolution Broadcasting - brining liberty to your ears. By the grassroots, for the grassroots. (

    Let me know if you want to be involved with any of the above listed projects!

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