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    Tuesday, June 23, 2009

    Day three: windows down, fresh country air.

    Yesterday (Monday) was absolutely lovely.  Rosie and I took the pups to the chicago doggie beach. It really made my day seeing the boys have so much fun. The lake was beautifully clear compared to the santa barbara beaches; it was nice being able to walk around barefoot without getting tar stuck all over my piggies.

    It was nice seeing so many bike riders and busses in chicago. I got my first taste of rush hour traffic.  No thank you.

    Stephen, rosie's husband, made us the most amazing burrito I have ever had - he threw in some pinneapple sause (influenced from his employment at a chinese restraunt, presumably), with squash, carrots, corn, celery, avacado, black beans, potatoes... more than I could list. Followed by cherry icecream and fresh strawberries. I felt spoiled over there, that is for sure.

    After, we went out for a drink and I had my first beer with 8% alcohol. It was yummy but I don't remember the name.. or the name of the bar.  It was retro themed and seemed to have a good autmosphere, although the music was waay too loud.

    Overall chicago was a much needed escape from the world. Rosie and stephen were great hosts!

    Today started with amazing tea and eggs, followed by a rough start to my radio show, and a very relaxing drive through indiana and ohio. 

    This trip is already helping me clear my head, I have had the needed alone time to think, reflect, and just be.

    Tonight I plan to do some more fusion center research, get some of my thoughts on paper and enjoy the company of one of my old cali friends, and one of the most KIND people I know, chris, in his hometown of akron, oh.

    Tomorrow I drive to ithica, ny where I plan to camp, and Thursday I arrive in nh to pick up tracy and head to Porcfest!!!!

    If I have not told you lately: I love you <3

    Sorry for typos, written via cell phone.

    <3 peace.

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