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    Wednesday, June 24, 2009

    Day three: Tree frogs in ohio

    Yesterday I drove through illinois, indiana and landed in akron, ohio at the home of my dear friend chris and his lovely family.  We spent the evening relaxing on their back deck, watching the sun dance around their wooded yard while the dogs enjoyed the fresh air. The attached photo was the view from his back porch!

    It was great reflecting on our cali days and catching up on eachothers' current state of affairs.  I now, after meeting chris's family, where his kind nature comes from. I have rarely felt so welcome; they were even wonderful with harley and eddie!

    Today I woke up and had brakfast with chris and his mom before hitting the road just minutes before I called into my radio show. I lost service a few times but wayne and kevin were there to fill in until I call back. I hpoe folks are enjoying the on the road call-in style commentary, I sure am having fun! to find the podcast!

    So far today I have seen the beauty of ohio and pennsylvania, and new york. I even made the mid-drive decision to take a 1.5 hour detour so I could have lunch with the boys at niagra falls. It was lovely sitting in the grass sorrounded by beauty. I opted out of the full tour as the ground was hot on the mutts. I wasn't expecting all the buildings and surrounding sky line, but it was still quite the sight!

    I am now on my way to itaca to camp for the night before I head to nh to pick up tracy and hit porcfest!!!!

    Love you all <3

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