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    Sunday, August 9, 2009

    Gigantasaurus BLTs and Oozy mutts.

    Today the Iron Barley in South City Saint Louis broke the Guinness world record for the largest BLT sandwich. 179.2 feet of sandwich.

    All I have to say is: 500 lbs of bacon. Bejesus!

    You can watch the measuring of the sandwich here.

    Here is my lovely new roommate, Tyson, eating his portion of the sandwich. I chose to abstain as I am a solid vegetarian, and have been since 2003.

    Here is the crowd at the beer garden, lovely Heather is bar tending (blonde in background).

    They blocked off an entire block for the event. Saint Louis knows how to do it right ;)

    On a not so exciting note, my dog dog eddie got some horrible skin irritation (likely from some "carpet powder" I put down when we moved into the house). so I had to take our second trip to the StL vet (first trip was Harley a few months back when Josh's dog attacked him).

    Well, I didnt' know his skin was irritated and put some frontline on his neck. It ate a hole in it. 24 hours after the first puss filled wound appeared, 3 more had develeoped. $141 later, Ed has had a steriod shot, antiboitics and a steriod cream. Poor mutt.

    Look at his hideous new shaved spots. They're pretty nasty up close.

    Just goes to show how hypicritical one can be. I made the choice to keep chemicals off my body and out of my food, but I cover the house in chemical powder then pour chemicals straight onto my dog's back.

    Never again.

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