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    Sunday, August 9, 2009

    A ReVamp or Two

    I have spent some time re-vamping the 'ol blog. It needed it. It is still in progress but I m too tired and my computer is too slow and jerky for me to devote any more energy to it tonight.

    Went with a URL change: . Let me know what you think while it is still in the editing phases; I'd rather find out right now it sucks rather than after I struggle with this computer for a few more hours.

    Today I have also worked on revamping my radio show (5 days a week 9am central Hopefully I will begin video-casting during my show this Monday (completely dependent on my fragile and breaking technology)and I plan to move to 2 hours a day as well!

    I have a lot to say but my computer keeps freezing. Update to come tomorrow. Night <3

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