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    Friday, July 10, 2009

    Jacob Turk's Announcement of 2010 Candidacy

    Jacob and I don't always agree on policy, but one thing I know for certain is that Jacob will always take the time to listen, always take the time to read the research materials you suggest, and is a REAL person who has refused to be influenced by special interests.

    If you drop your preconceived notions about the party with which he associates and get to know him as a person, you will see what a REAL human being he is. And Jacob, I am still determined to get you to reconsider your stance on foriegn policy (our only major point of political contention).

    If Jacob were our Congressman right now, the citizens of Kansas City would have a representative brave enough to co-sign HR 1207. Cleaver won't stand up to the banks and special interests. Time to elect someone who will.

    Please consider supporting him!

    Catherine Bleish

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    "The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground."

    - Thomas Jefferson

    Independence yesteryear; Freedom tomorrow.

    It is time to once again raise the flag high. It is time for ordinary citizens to reclaim their government. I cannot bear this burden alone to successful conclusion. I need you.

    It is morning in America. It is the dawn of the long day of our political battle to get our voice into the halls of Congress. Let us gather our forces and resources to forge ahead. I will lead. Will you follow?

    I am running to be your Congressman in the election of November 2010.

    We begin with our campaign of '1000 for 100', which will provide the means for a successful run. Simply put, we are looking for 1000 folks who want to change our Congress to contribute $100 between now and January 1st. Some of you will be able to write one check immediately, while others will split it up with blessings of $20 or $25 over the next few months. Either way, you are achieving our goal of having $100,000 to begin the election year with a running start.

    After 3 ½ years of sacrifice by Donna and I and thousands of you in time and money as we together suffered through the two worst Republican years in history our time has come. With the insanity happening in Washington, DC and Reverend Cleaver's part in it, from overseeing and enabling the meltdown of our economy to his votes to take our money and tax us more heavily than any time in our history through Cap and Trade, our voters and supporters are motivated and angry, turning out to Tea Parties throughout the 5th District by the thousands.

    All the progress we have made swimming against the tide is now ready to explode in a backlash of sanity in November 2010 against the far left fiscal and social liberals like Cleaver, who are systematically taking away our money and our freedoms.

    As a part-time Congressman with two jobs, Cleaver does not have time to read the bills, but still has time to strip away our religion, free speech and 2nd Amendment rights and to raise our energy prices by thousands of dollars every year on top of the huge tax increases needed to pay for his bailout and stimulus pork barrel politics.

    We need one of us to raise a voice of the people in Congress to roll back the money grab. As Donna and I have gone about our lives since last November hundreds of you have come up to give us an encouraging word, an admonition not to quit, that our time has come. We hear you and more importantly we hear our calling.

    To you, my supporters and friends, I, Jacob Turk, officially announce my candidacy for Congress from the 5th District of Missouri. I would be proud and grateful if you join us. Consider being part of our Campaign Team and please be one of our 1000 starting today. Together we will change Congress.

    We are coming for Cleaver. Spread the word to everyone you know who is appalled by the policies and actions of this Congress. We are coming. It is time.

    Please be sure to join us on Facebook and Twitter. These are free ways we can communicate with each other. Through Twitter, we can also give calls to action on short notice.

    We must get moving. Congress is laying the groundwork for a second stimulus bill and Cleaver will vote for it no matter how many of us are against it. He stopped listening to you and me long ago, voting against the wishes and demands of the vast majority of his constituents over and over again.

    I will represent you.

    Your Republican Candidate for the 5th District of Missouri,

    Jacob Turk for Congress

    P.O. Box 2097, Lee's Summit, MO 64063

    If you are happy with your current Congressman now is the time to unsubscribe by clicking here

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